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Angel Chan

My boyfriend and I went to do dental cleaning today and it was carried out by Dr Estee. Hereby I would like to express my gratitude for her professional treatment. She is very considerate, professional and even explain every single detail about our problems and daily dental care. Strongly recommend Dr Estee for whoever seeking for a great dentist!

Tiew Dental Clinic, SS2 Petaling Jaya


Just had scaling and tooth filling today with Dr. Chen Ka Yaw. Very soft spoken and kindly explain every single details of my tooth. She is very understanding of my tight budget and advise me to repair the broken tooth first.

Tiew Dental Clinic, Bdr. Sri Permaisuri, KL

Ng Suet Yee

I was scheduled for an X-ray at Mydental clinic on 16 Nov 2018. Upon arrival, I was greeted warmly by Izzah( not sure the spelling) and Emma, the front desk assistants.. They are good mannered and tend to have small talk to keep myself comfortable.

MyDental Clinic, Cheras

Ng Suet Yee

Compliments to Dr Tan Wah Khang for his knowledge in dentistry and detailed explanation on oral related issues. Besides, the front desk assistants has good customer service skills that has put me to ease. They are friendly and are trained well.

Tiew Dental Clinic, Tmn. Putra, Ampang

Wong Hui Juan

Dr. Ting Hong Kang very nice and patience with my girls.. explained in details and makes my kids have a fun experience in dental clinic. Thanks.

Tiew Dental Clinic, Tmn Kinrara Puchong

Tin Chin Che

Other dentists considered my root canal case to be difficult but this dentist, Dr Eliza Teh, did not shy away from taking the case. Her confidence in her ability to handle the case was reassuring. The root canal treatment turned out well in spite of discouraging comments from other dentists in the Setapak area. Cost of treatment was also very reasonable. I will post a positive comment in the internet.

Tiew Dental Clinic, Setapak, KL

Lee Wern Hwee

Today removed my wisdom tooth by Dr. Ong Yi Woon,very detailed and professional,thank you for the great service and opinion.

White Dental Cosmetic Centre, Sri Petaling, KL

Choong Heng

Dr. Lin Chin Yee at Bandar Puteri Puchong Branch is very professional, caring and patient. My problems were well explained and treated. Dr.Lin, you are great, well done!!!! In addition, the staffs are friendly and the clinic is also very clean.

Tiew Dental Centre, Bandar Puteri Puchong


Giving my thumbs up here for the quality of treatment by Dr Stephanie Tan at the Bukit Indah branch. During the check up, she used an intra oral camera to clearly show and explain my problem areas as well as the procedures required to fix them. The scaling and polishing was very thorough, my old chipped amalgam tooth fillings were beautifully and professionally replaced with white composite resin fillings and at each step of the treatment, she showed the "before and after" photos, which immediately assured me of the quality of her scaling, polishing and filling. Along the way, she also gave clear advice on my problem areas and answered all my doubts and questions. I find the clinic bright and comfortable, the staff pleasant, and the dentist friendly and very professional. I will surely recommend this dentist to my loved ones.

Tiew Dental Centre, Bukit Indah, JB

KH Leong

Dr Ng Wing Kee is a very considerate, affable & professional dentist who understands the concerns of his patients well. I was nervous during the visit but left the clinic feeling assured that a visit to the dentist need not be a scary experience. I'd strongly recommend Dr Ng to whoever is looking for an excellent dentist.

Tiew Dental Clinic, Sungai Chua, Kajang

Jaya Kumar

I had my tooth extraction and scaling done in this clinic. The clinic is kept very clean and tidy. The dentist on duty was very dedicated. Her treatment and explainations were very professional. "Good Keep Going"

Tiew Dental Clinic, Kepong

Yin Fei

Hi , I'm interested in clear aligner. I'm want to know more abou Mbrace, clearpath and Invisalign. And I want to know the price as well as the treatment . Regards, Fei

Tiew Dental Clinic, Setia Alam, Shah Alam


I have had TMJ problem for few years. Before any treatment, I am not able to open my mouth too widely or for too long and this includes yawning because my jaw will emit a crackling sound and my jaw will displace to the right. Hence, I am not able to bite on a huge piece of food as a whole such as a burger or an apple. This displacement of the jaw would also occur when I brush my teeth. After some period, I made an appointment with Dr. Erica Tan from White Dental Kota Kemuning as I wanted to do operculectomy treatment. After I told her about my condition, she suggested to use laser healing to imporve my TMJ disorder by undergoing laser treatment before doing any other dental treatment. She instructed me to do some mouth exercise before the laser treatment in order to access my condition. Dr. Erica is very comprehensive and the laser healing only took around 5 minutes. Amazingly, my TMJ condition is so much better within 5 minutes. I have already done the laser healing for 3 times and my condition has improved so much.

White Dental Cosmetic Centre, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam

Connie Hoo

Big Thanks to Doctor Tan Wah Khang,you are very kind & patient to help me get rid of my worries & yes, finally I overcame it. I been through the abrasion cavity & thanks for guided me to the right way to protect my teeth.

Tiew Dental Clinic, Tmn. Putra, Ampang


Hi. I would like to express my deepest gratitute to your dental clinic for providing outstanding services. For your information, I had received root canal treatment (RCT) and went through a wisdom tooth extraction session in your Semenyih branch. According to the dentist, I still have to do some filling, crowning and another wisdom tooth extraction. However, I have to leave Semenyih and go back to my hometown as I will finish my study soon. The dentist and the assistants are friendly and professional. They are able to explain my dental condition and provide excellent services. The prices are considered reasonable as well compared to other private dental clinics in Klang Valley.

Tiew Dental Clinic, Semenyih

Jeffrey Lau

Great service, excellent skill and no pain at all !

Tiew Dental Centre, Pekan Batu 11, Balakong

Yolanda Makotsvana

Thank you for your work, gentle hands and understanding today with my 3yr old Elijah's accident! Very pleased with your service and will bring all my children to you from now on! Thanks to Dr. Stephanie Tan

Tiew Dental Centre, Bukit Indah, JB

Mr Tan Tuan Yee

Doctor very professional and give me a lot of confidence. Her professional help me overcome my problem and "fear" of dentist. Finally I am able to talk freely and confidently without fear of bad breath. Thank you Dr. Santha.

Tiew Dental Clinic, Pekan Batu 11, Balakong

Tan Ching Ping

Doctor very professional and friendly. Nurse also always smile and helpful when I need their help. Thanks Dr. Farha and the teams.

Tiew Dental Clinic, Puchong Perdana

Mr Dhanarai Rassuah

The staff are well mannered and have good communication skills. The doctor explains very well and does a good and clean job. She will be assert to the organization.

Tiew Dental Clinic, Semenyih

Lee Shertienne

Doctor has done a good job on my daughter. She did not complaint. Happy for her! Good job Doctor!

Tiew Dental Clinic, Sungai Buloh (TSB), Shah Alam

Mr Calitus & Ms Okuochi Julian

Good, caring and effeicient. Doctor also has a good therapeutic relationship with patient.

Tiew Dental Clinic, Puchong Perdana

Ms Nuraini Izhar

Doctor explanation is very clear and profession. Service by Dr and Nurse also very good and friendly. Thanks Dr. Farha...

Tiew Dental Clinic, Semenyih

Safihariah Muhamad

Doctor explanation and treatment is very good and I am very happy with clinic service. Thanks Dr...

Tiew Dental Clinic, Sungai Buloh (TSB), Shah Alam

Ms Nursinah Ramli

Dr Cheong adalah doktor yang peramah dan lemah lembut semasa membuat rawatan gigi saya. Saya rasa puas hati dengan layanan klinik ini dan semua nurse pun bagus. Thanks Dr...

Tiew Dental Clinic, Sungai Buloh (TSB), Shah Alam

Thong Wai Mai

I felt confortable with Dr Cheong services and confident in her advised on treatment. So i returned here to do filling and bleaching treatment. Thanks Dr now i can smile confidently.

Tiew Dental Clinic, Sungai Buloh (TSB), Shah Alam

Sindhu Cherian

I am very happy with doctor explanation about Bridge Treatment and 100% satisfied with the treatment and service in this clinic

Tiew Dental Clinic, Sungai Buloh (TSB), Shah Alam

Ms Rusfawati Shaharudin

Saya memilih klinik ini kerana sikap doktor dan nurse yang berpengalaman menyebabkan saya suka membuat rawatan di sini. Rawatan yang diberikan memuaskan hati dan saya akan mengesyorkan klinik ini kepada kawan-kawan saya.

Tiew Dental Clinic, Semenyih

Ms Pang Suk Peng

Perkhidmatan yang diberi sangat bagus,staff dan doktor sangat mesra dan peramah. Penerangan doktor sangat jelas sebelum rawatan diberi. Thanks Dr Lee

MyDental Clinic, Cheras

Ms Fadhilah Bt Abd Ghani

Satisfied with the service provided. I had been given useful info for treatment by Doctor and the nurse also very helpful and friendly. 

Tiew Dental Clinic, Nilai

Ms Nalaahini A/P Kathigesan

I used to afraid of dentist and hate those visit, these changed with i come here. Dr Tiew ST is very pleasant in treating his patients, this place is very well maintained and clean, their staff all well mannered,polite and helpful. I really appreciated the follow up call received. Well done to their entire team. 

Tiew Dental Clinic, Banting

Ms Kharolrena E Wong

I discovered this clinic via internet as I am new in Banting. This is first time I went to this clinic,I was amazed with it's environment. Not like other dental clinic that i went,this clinic is neat,comfortable and really customer friendly. I can feel that owner truly dedicate him/herself to sake of the healthy of teeth. I like the doctor as well. she knows how to explain and how to make me feel comfort and not nervous. Thanks Dr Louise Tan. 

Tiew Dental Clinic, Banting

Ms Melia Padang

Honestly this is the best dental clinic. I like Dr Santha so much because he is caring and doing a good job. After treatment with this clinic make me more confidence. The services and price also very reasonable.

Tiew Dental Clinic, Pekan Batu 11, Balakong

Mr Rosazhari B Zainal Abidin

Perkhidmatan kakitangan klinik mesra dan sangat baik. Manakala layanan dari doktor bertugas dari segi khidmat nasihat dan kerja tangan sangat memuaskan hati saya.

Tiew Dental Clinic, Puchong Perdana

Ms Foo Yoon Kwan

Doctor is very friendly and explain it to me very details. Thanks

Tiew Dental Clinic, Sungai Buloh (TSB), Shah Alam

Datin Faridah

Clinic is very good especially doctor and staff, most important is clean and services is good and hope clinic will maintain a good service. Thanks

White Dental Cosmetic Centre, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam

Mr Wong Hak

Very thorough and patient doctor. Excellent service.

White Dental Cosmetic Centre, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam

Ms Tharance A/P Muniandy

Been taking treatment her for almost a year now. They provide good service and systematic approach with a smiling face without fail, and i would definitely recommend this place to my friends out there needing dentist. Thanks for making the term 'dentist' nor scary anymore.

White Dental Cosmetic Centre, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam

Ms Chang Chin Yee

Doctor did her job very professional and assistance also very helpful and nice. The clinic is very clean and comfortable.

Tiew Dental Clinic, Pekan Batu 11, Balakong

Ms Gopi Shakilaa

Clinic environment are user friendly,clean and tidy.All staff are friendly,helpful and having smiling face. In regards to doctor in charge, his explanation about the treatment is not vague and understandable in simple version. I'm really satisfied with the care from everyone from Tiew Dental.

Tiew Dental Clinic, Banting

Mr Yip Mun Kiat

My second time here for my dental treatment, everything was just fine and good customer services especially when i received "SMS" for next treatment. Place was clean all time like my teeth now.

MyDental Clinic, Cheras

Gan Puay Pin

Doctor is very responsible and will not simply asking patient to do unnecessary crowning till she finds out of the problem. Charges are reasonable too. Keep up the good work.

Tiew Dental Clinic, Tmn Mayang, Petaling Jaya

Mr Kan Koo Sing Fah

Extremely satisfied with their services. Front desk was friendly. Dr Yap also very professional and clarified doubts and queries very satisfactorily. Overall a great experience.

Tiew Dental Clinic, Pekan Batu 11, Balakong

Mr Wong Teck Xhen

The staffs here are friendly and helpful. The environment here is comfortable and pleasant too. In a nutshell, this is a great and pleasant place to have dental checking and treatment as the services given are indeed. Awesome

Tiew Dental Clinic, Bukit Tinggi, Klang

Ms Jasmine Chee

I choose this clinic because it's convenience and near where I stay. The service provided by Dr Linda is very good. She is attentive to her patient queries. The staffs are also very friendly made me feel welcome.

White Dental Cosmetic Centre, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam

Mr Tuang Kwong Wah

Dr Ng is a good skill doctor. He will let patient relax and try to explain every part of process before patient asking. This can let patient build up the confident to the process. This is good because many patient.

Tiew Dental Clinic, Sungai Chua, Kajang

Mr Cho Liang Yann

Service is good where the doctor would advise and give additional treatment when found some teeth issue which i did not know. Overall is exceeded my expectation. Thanks

Tiew Dental Clinic, Puchong Perdana