136 Oral Spa Package

Celebrate our 36th Anniversary with us! 🎉


Introducing our latest 136 Oral SPA Package. This exceptional package embodies a comprehensive approach to dental care, ensuring not only a meticulous cleaning and polishing experience but also a professional examination to promptly address any potential concerns. 🦷


1 Brand-New Package
3 IN 1 Oral SPA Care
6 Benefits:
– Prevention of Halitosis (bad breath)
– Removal of calculus & tartar
– Prevention of periodontal disease
– Prevention of dental caries
– To practice good oral hygiene
– Early detection of any dental issues in the mouth

Regular dental check-ups and cleanings are paramount to prevent dental issues and maintain your radiant smile.

Limited slots available for the first 100 individuals. Secure your slot now! ⭐
📍53 Dental Clinics available in Malaysia
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