3 Reasons Should Get Your Teeth Whitened

Dreaming for that white and bright smile like one of those Hollywood stars but you wonder why your teeth are yellow despite regular brushing habits? In fact, food and beverages we take in daily or habits like smoking causes discolouration (a.k.a. staining), which makes your teeth to appear yellow. Certain staining can’t be removed with merely brushing with toothpaste, this is where tooth whitening treatment comes into the picture.
Every year thousands of patients who could benefit from having their teeth whitened hesitate for fear that doing so is just a case of vanity. Looking your best is something that everyone has a right to, and whitening your teeth can really bring out that beautiful smile. If you’re looking for reasons to get your teeth whitened, here are just a few examples!

Throughout our lives our teeth can become stained from the foods we eat, habits we’ve broken, or just plain time and the build-up of tartar. Whitening is a great way to help turn back the clock and have your teeth looking their best.

Special Events or Job interviews
Do you have a graduation coming up? Have you finally got that promotion and you’re heading out to celebrate? Is it your wedding day and you want your teeth to shine? Or maybe it’s your divorce and you want your grin to win over that next special someone. All of these are great reason to get your teeth whitened.

Smoking Stains
We all know that smoking isn’t good for your lungs, but did you know it’s also terrible for your teeth? The tar and nicotine from the smoke can build up on your teeth and produce a long lasting stain that won’t go away without help.