Best toothbrushes for kids

To get kids to brush a full two minutes cycle of their teeth is a challenging task. To select the best kid toothbrush for them is not easy either. There are so many revolutionary toothbrushes for kids in the market that encourage them to brush nowadays. Finding a toothbrush that the kids would use is the key to good dental health.

Important Points to Choose A Good Kid Toothbrush

-A kid toothbrush must have:

-Small head to reach posterior teeth.

-Ergonomic and wide handle to grip firmly and safely.

-So bristles to prevent gum damage due to excessive pressure.

-So brush head to absorb pressure on gums.

-Buy toothbrushes according to stages of development of your child.

-Kid manual and electrical toothbrushes are equally good depending on

-which your kid uses most efficiently

Innovative Toothbrushes

In order to attract kids’ attention and make brushing fun, some companies have come up with a lot of ideas.

Flashing toothbrush

This is a flashing timer toothbrush. It flashes in a one minute cycle. Kids are supposed to brush until the light stops flashing. It is called Dr. Fresh Toothbrush Fire-Fly Flashing. It is battery powered as well and selling at roughly USD $19 in pack of 12. Another brand of toothbrush with timer is Butler Gum Crayola Timer Light Toothbrush. It flashes with 1 minute intervals and selling at USD$3.

Cartoon characters incorporated handles

Kids love cartoon and marvel heroes. A lot of kids’ powered and manual tooth brushes are made of large cartoon characters handles to make brushing fun. For instance, Crest Kid Spin Brush, Dr. Fresh Spiderman Toothbrush and Oral B Kids Stages Battery Toothbrushes.

Gum Massaging Toothbrush

Butler G-U-M Toothbrush Power Sesame Street claims that their so bristles could massage children’s gum while they are oscillating. Its big handle allows kid to hold onto it while parents are brushing their teeth.


No matter what sort of toothbrushes you buy for your kids, the most important thing is to brush often and brush right! For more advice, consult with any of our professional dentist for kids today!