Braces are not meant for just aesthetic

Most people think braces treat only appearance. The truth is it can do much more like preventing tooth decay and gum diseases. Let us ponder further.

Most people think braces are meant to straighten crooked teeth and enhance their appearance. Crooked teeth would also cause difficulty in cleaning thus causing tooth decay and gum problems. In some cases, it may also cause inefficient chewing, facial growth defects, jaw problems, speech problems and tooth wear.

So, if you straighten your teeth you would be able to treat all those diseases as well. Thus, braces are not only for those who wish to look good but for those who are concerned in their dental health as well.

Preparation prior to braces

1) You must understand the purpose of braces. You must understand your teeth and problems in order to take good care of them.

2) You must take good care of your teeth during the treatment to prevent further damage to existing condition.

3) You must avoid hard and sticky food to prevent tooth decay and damages to braces systems.

4) You must maintain the good condition of your braces as if any accessorial damage or dislodgement would affect the progress and outcome of treatment. So you must ensure all devices are being attached well and firm on your teeth.

5) You must understand to achieve a good result you must give full cooperation and compliant to all requirements of the treatment. You must take every single instruction given seriously and abide by them.

6) You must comply to the review appointment and do not absent unnecessarily. Kindly contact your dentist if you need to reschedule.

7) You must understand that during movement of teeth there may be slight discomfort but you must have the patience and confidence in your dentist.

8) You must not compare your case and progress with your friends’ as each case is unique and react differently even to the same system. Try to have more confidence in your dentist and do seek advice on any of your doubts.

Procedures of Braces

Prior to the commencement of braces, you may need to undergo certain treatment like filling, scaling and extraction as see fit by the dentist. Braces are categorised into fixed and removable systems.

Removable systems are meant to treat simpler cases during milk or mixed dentition stage. The devise could be removed and replaced by you.

Fixed system is made to treat more complex cases and it is widely used among adolescents and adults. Some skeletal jaw defects may need to undergo surgery before braces.

The duration, types of treatment, cost and requirements of treatment vary between individuals. Normally braces would take at least one year to complete and you must return for review once a month.

When you finish your treatment you would go into maintenance stage. Dentist would remove the devices in your mouth and put you on retainers to maintain the new position of your teeth. The retainers have to be worn full time at least for more than a year. You have to return for review every 3 months.

Braces is a long term treatment. To achieve the best result, cooperation between dentist, patient and perhaps parents are crucial.