Breathing affect facial appearance!

Do you know that breathing will affect facial appearance? That’s right! Breathing will affect your facial appearance. You must be wondering how does breathing can affect facial appearance? And what is the correct way of breathing? If you wan to look good, please press view more to see our video in more detail.

Proper way of breathing makes your child looks good. What is the proper way of breathing? Proper way of breathing must achieve these for criteria’s:
First is to breath through nose
Second lips must be sealed together
Third correct tongue position. Regarding the correct tongue position you can refer to the previous video EP1
Fourth and the most important one, When breathing, breath must be calm and slow.

How does incorrect breathing can affect facial appearance in children?
Children with improper way of breathing which is mouth breathing will have the following facial features. The child’s face will become narrower, longer, flatter and the teeth will become crooked, dull eyes, most of the time the child will have dark eyes circle and body posture wise they are not standing and sitting straight and when relax their mouth are slightly open. All these deatures are known as “Dumb face”