Denture Sore Mouth

It is an inflammation of mouth especially on palatal and gingival mucosa which is in direct contact with the denture base.


This results from loose dentures. Loose dentures tend to rocking in the mouth and causes friction with the oral mucosa. Exposed oral mucosa predisposes it to infection by bacteria called Candida albicans. This causes ulcer around the mucosa impinged by dentures’ border.

Continuous denture

Prolonged wearing dentures even during sleep prevent saliva protective action. Besides that, natural cleaning by tongue movement on palate also reduces. Saliva and tongue function to remove dental plaque on teeth and oral mucosa. Decreased functions of these structures causes the mucosa to easily get infected by bacteria within dental plaque itself thus causing sore mouth.

Systemic health issues

Most common medical conditions that can cause sore mouth are diabetes, leukaemia, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) patients and also those who undergo radiotherapy treatment. The sore mouth could not be resolved totally in these patients but might get improved. The way to tackle sore mouth in these patients is by practising good oral and denture hygiene practices.

Post-treatment dentures care

  • Brushing dentures using soap water and denture brush to remove denture plaque and food debris of fitting and biting surfaces.
  • Soaking in denture cleansing solution after brushing dentures.
  • Avoid wearing dentures during sleep.
  • Seek for dental assistance when dentures are loose or not stable inside mouth.
  • Regular dental check-up every 6 months to professionally clean the dentures.