Does mouth breathing affects sleep?

Do you have any children that snore? Or grind their teeth while sleeping? Is it normal to have snoring and teeth grinding during sleep? Having snoring and teeth grinding during sleep not only are unhealthy, it is also an alarming sign which may indicate that your child is actually suffering from sleep apnea. What is sleep apnea? What are the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea? Other than snoring and teeth grinding, children with sleep apnea also have certain patterns while sleeping.

Children are not able to sleep well, they will keep changing position throughout the night like a helicopter. Most of the time, they have to sleep on their stomach in order to sleep well. Kids will also wet the bed quite frequently having nightmare. If children do not sleep well at night, they will feel sleepy during the day. You may notice no matter how long your kids slept he or she will still keep yawning. Low sleep quality will also affect the health and brain development of your children.

Breathing, sleeping and teeth arrangement are actually closely related to each other. Signs and symptoms of sleep apnea usually occur before the teeth become crooked. Therefore, if you notice that your children have the symptoms that I mentioned just now please bring yur child to the dentist with relevant experience as soon as possible for treatment.