How to help children overcome debilitating fears of the dentist

It is practically normal for a child to fear dentist. The parents play an important role to cultivate good impression and behavior towards the child dentist.

Common fear of children during dental visits

-The sound of hand pieces and scaling devices.

-The odd smell and hospital similar set up of clinics.

-To be apart from parents when they have to sit onto the dental chair.

-The needles that dentist use.

-Unfriendly dentists and staffs that threaten to pull out their teeth or hurt them if they do not behave well during treatment.

-Forcing the child into treatment.

Ways of dentist to calm a child

-Dentist would chat with the child in a friendly tone. Conversations would start with something about the child’s daily life and not about teeth. This would allow the child to be at ease.

– A good dentist for kids would use simple words and short answer while speaking to your child.

-Parents are allowed to sit on the dental chair with the child on their lap while checking is performed.

Treating children could be stressful to the dentist so sometimes dentist may use a firmer tone to explain to the child. Regardless, our team of dentist for kids here at Tiew Dental are professionally trained and qualified to deal with any child-related situation.