Oblivious to advanced dental treatments

The appallingly poor standard of dental education on among the public is the main reason why the public is not aware of the availability of more ad-vanced dental treatments. Oblivion and ignorance on the patient’s part make a dentist’s job of explaining a certain procedure complicated. Besides, conventional practices such as filling and drilling, numerous new treatments have difficulty reaching out to the mass media.

Tooth-saving should be the first priority

Again, prevention is better than cure. Oral hygiene is the key to healthy teeth and fresh breath. Some prevention on methods such as fissure sealant and topical fluoride application can be done in dental clinics to strengthen the tooth structure making it less susceptible to bacteria a attack. Nonetheless, patients go to the dentist only when they have pain or a decayed tooth. Usually, the affected tooth is so grossly decayed that it is beyond any salvation. Even the root canal treatment is not suitable to be carried out. In most cases, dentists can s still correct the damage, if patients seek treatment earlier.

Retaining your teeth

We should try our best to preserve our teeth by maintaining good oral hygiene and following preventive measures recommended by a dentist. Always remember extraction is not the only solution to toothaches. When you have to wear dentures, you will certainly be filled with nostalgia for the days when you had a full set of teeth. Therefore, it is wise to consult a dentist’s opinion before requesting extraction, as there are always alternatives.

Keep your teeth!