Sticky Food & Dental Health

Many people told me in order to protect their teeth they choose to eat softer food. This is actually unwise. Nowadays most food are hollow and soft. For example white rice, mee, hamburger and junk food. These food could harm our health dearly especially to the development of teeth and gums.

What harm would soft food cause?

Incomplete Chewing

Soft food are easier to munch. Living in a busy and hectic life cause us to eat very hastily.Therefore, most of the time we do not munch properly before we swallow.For kids, because of improper chewing, gums are not trained thus not healthy and firm. This would result in gum problems. Besides this, insufficient chewing capabilities would also cause undeveloped jaw. The jaw would be smaller or under developed causing jaw and tooth size discrepancy. Subsequently, it would affect the normal alignment of teeth. That is why crooked teeth are so common lately.

Chewing is thinking!

When you chew less, your brain would be stimulated insufficiently. You will notice elderly who still has good quality of life still has a good set of teeth to chew on. So if you eat a lot of soft food you have Alzeimer’s disease sooner.

Eating soft food reduces the function of our teeth. When you do not chew so often or only chew on certain side, that area would be filled with plaque or calculus. Tooth decay becomes a problem for you. Tooth decay usually couples with gum problems. Hence, gum problems which are the most serious dental problem in this modern society has close relation to the food we eat.

Choose Fibre

To train our gums and teeth, we need to consume lots of fibres for instance vegetables and tubers. Consuming fibres would also train our alveolar bone. Imagine alveolar bone is like soil to grow good teeth. In order to have good crops (teeth) your soil must be moist and fertilised. Your fertiliser is your fibre. Good chewing would also enhance the health of your facial musculature. The Japanese did a research on rats and found that eating fibres prevents tooth decay. Thus, fibre has lots of advantages towards dental health.

Chewing your food at least 25 times before you swallow is a habit to good health. This habit is crucial to be instilled since young. Because of this habit, children would be able to have good teeth and good health. By seeing lots of kids developing gum problems and crooked teeth at young age, God is trying to warn us that we are eating the wrong food. Wish everyone could be a smart eater!