Is crocked teeth due to genetic?

Do you want to know what cause crooked teeth in children? Many people think that crooked teeth are actually inherited and there’s no way to fix it, this is a MYTH! In fact, crooked teeth is due to small jaw not because of the teeth are too big or too many. The size of the jaw id dependent on environment factors. In other words, crooked teeth is not due to genetic! When the child are growing up, some bad habits may cause abnormal growth of the jaw and when the jaw is not developing well the teeth will not have sufficient space to erupt, and this cause crooked teeth!

What kind of bad habit that causes crooked teeth? Everyone must be wondering what are the bad habits that causes crooked teeth in children?
Firstly, Breathing!
Incorrect breathing such as mouth breathing is the main cause of crooked teeth.

Secondly, Diet Habit.
If your child eat too fast does not chew thoroughly, eat too slowly, only likes soft food, doesn’t like to chew food, incorrect swallowing all these will affect jaw development which further lead to crooked teeth.

Thirdly, Tongue resting position.
What is the correct tongue resting position? It should be touching the roof of your mouth. When your tongue is touching the roof of your mouth, Actually your tongue will guide the face and jaw growth in the forward direction and towards both side.

Forth, Some bad habit that have not been fixed.
such as sucking on pacifier, thumb sucking, prolonged use of baby bottle, prolonged use of sippy cup all these bad habits will affect the face and the jaw development. Buts, if you have missed the golden period the parents need not to worry (golden period > before age of 8) Right now, you should bring your child to a dental clinic as soon as possible and let a dentist which relevant experience to help your child don’t wait any further! Click “View More” to view video & make your dental appointment now!