Dr. Khoo Kay Pei

Dr. Khoo is a trusted and experienced dentist, committed to delivering high-quality dental care to patients of all ages. With a focus on preventative care, Dr. Khoo emphasizes the importance of regular check-ups and cleanings to maintain optimal oral health. Proficient in a wide range of dental services, including fillings, crowns, and root canals, Dr. Khoo ensures that each patient receives tailored treatment plans to meet their unique needs.

Dedicated to staying current with the latest advancements in dentistry, Dr. Khoo regularly participates in continuing education courses. This commitment to professional growth allows Dr. Khoo to offer cutting-edge solutions and the most effective treatments available. Known for a compassionate and patient-centered approach, Dr. Khoo strives to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, ensuring that every visit is a positive experience.