Dr. Lynette Wong Mun Xuan

Dr. Lynette Wong has completed Bachelor of Doctor of Dental Surgery in 2020 from Mahsa University. She has done her compulsory service in Negeri Sembilan for a year before joining ST Dental Group. During undergraduate, she was actively joining all kinds of dental conferences as a volunteer or participant to keep herself updated with the latest technology and knowledge related to the dental field.

She loves to help patients from dental pain and save their teeth rather than merely extracting it. Prevention is always better than cure, thus she likes explaining the importance of oral hygiene to patients as negligence is always the key factor of dental pain. Doing documentation during treatment allows her to explain and educate patients easily. With love and care, she wishes to enhance everyone’s awareness on taking care of their oral hygiene and oral health. With that, she will keep learning and improving myself daily to help more people to achieve a bright smile with good oral health because good health begins with healthy mouth.