Dr. Rebecca Tiew Siok Tuan

Dr Rebecca attained her Bachelor in Dental Surgery from University of Malaya in 1987. Once graduated, she ventured into private practice, thus, born the first Klinik Pergigian Tiew. In 27 years of God’s blessing, Tiew dental clinics had grew and was placed under management of ST Tiew Dental Group.

In order to provide better dental health services, Dr Rebecca embarked on setting up a dental supplies company named One Dental Group. Currently, Dr Rebecca is the Chief Executive Officer of ST-ONE Group, Managing Director for both ST Tiew Dental Group and One Dental Group.

Besides dental field, in 2009, Dr Rebecca attained Naturopathic Physician (ANMCB, USA), Advanced Diploma in Clinical Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine and Diploma in Senior Nutritionist (Chengdu University of TCM, China). She is also the Vice President of Natural Health Naturopathic Academy. She is currently the Marketing Director & Senior Health Consultant in Natural Health Farm (NHF). In 2012, she attained Certificate in Acupuncture & Clinical Specialization-Oncology (Guangzhou University of TCM, China) and is one of the Chief Physicians in Natural Health Naturopathic Centre.

Dr Rebecca also likes to share her experiences through writing. She wrote for MomBaby Magazine, Health World Magazine, and Long Life Magazine. She is now the Editor in Chief for Health Today, Malaysia.

Dr Rebecca also shared her knowledge through mass media. She was interviewed and video shot for special TV3 health programs. She was also invited to previous Radio 5 and now AiFm for health talks on air. She is also the panel dentist for both media.

She was blessed to be the finalist for Trophy Sri Nona TV3 in year 2003 and Innovative Woman Entrepreneur of the year 2004.