Laser Dentistry

Dental lasers can be used for a wide range of treatment, including decay removal, cavity preparation, root canal preparation, smile makeover, teeth whitening, gum diseases, soft and hard tissue surgical procedures and etc. Laser dentistry provides a modern, innovative, and overall more comfortable approach to dental care. Lasers are wonderful, resourceful tools in cosmetic, preventive, and restorative dentistry as it disinfects and promotes better healing.

Neither vibration nor pressure is generated during laser treatment. Thus possible damage to healthy portions of the tooth is minimized, and conservation of the precious tooth structure is optimum. Lasers can aid in cleansing the root canal system which includes the accessory canals. In vitro evidence shows that lasers are equivalent to conventional rotary instrumentation for shaping the coronal and middle thirds.

Laser dentistry works by delivering energy in the form of light. The laser act as a cutting instrument or a vaporizer of tissue that it comes in contact with, when used for surgical and dental procedures. The laser helps to strengthen the bond between the filling material and the tooth surface, when used for harden of a filling material. The laser acts as a heat source and enhances the effect of tooth-bleaching agents, when used in teeth whitening procedures.