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Tooth Crown Kuala Lumpur

Tooth Crown Malaysia

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Dental Bridge Price Malaysia

Tiew Dental provides Dental Crown / Tooth Crown service in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, we also provide Dental Bridge service with affordable Price.


If you lost one or more teeth, you may notice a difference in chewing and speaking. Bridges can help restore your smile.

A dental bridge is a fixed (non-removable) appliance and is an excellent way to replace missing teeth. There are several types of bridges. You and your dentist will discuss the best options for your particular case. The “traditional bridge” is the most popular type and is usually made or porcelain fused to metal (PFM) or porcelain alone. This type of bridge consists of two crowns that cover the two adjacent anchoring teeth (abutment teeth) and are attached to pontics (artificial teeth), filling the gap created by one more missing teeth. An implant bridge attaches artificial teeth directly to the jaw or under the gum tissue. Depending on the type of bridge your dentist recommends, its success depends on the foundation. So it’s very important to keep your remaining teeth healthy and strong.

Bridges price start from RM1xxx per tooth, depending on the condition of your teeth. Do contact us here for a proper consultation with our dentists!

Dental Bridge Price Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Composite Filling

Tooth-coloured fillings are designed to match the colour of your natural teeth. It is so discreet; most people won’t even notice it!

The white filling material is made of a composite of resin and glass particles that provide good durability and resistance to fracture in small- to mid- size restorations. They are able to withstand moderate pressure from chewing.

The composite material is cemented onto the existing tooth surface using a bonding agent. The composite filling will then be precisely placed, shaped, and polished restoring your tooth to its original shape and function. The procedure requires a single visit for the application of the composite material. The procedure includes minimal removal of the infected tooth structure during the preparation of the tooth cavity. Thus, a composite filling is generally smaller in size when compared with a metal (amalgam) filling.

Composite filling price start from RM9x, depends on the deepness and sizes of each cavity tooth.


If you want a smile that’s your crowning glory, you may need a crown to cover a tooth to help restore it to its normal shape and size. A crown can be used to restore its shape, appearance and function if your tooth is damaged but not lost. A crown, also called a cap, is a hollow, artificial tooth used to cover a damaged or decayed tooth.

A crown refers to the placement of an artificial crown on a tooth. It acts as a ‘cap’ that fits over the tooth which mimics a real crown of tooth. It protects and strengthens tooth structure that cannot be restored with filling or other types of restorations. Although there are several types of crowns, porcelains are the most popular due to their natural teeth colour. They are highly durable and are made to match the shape, size, and colour of your teeth giving you a natural, long-lasting beautiful smile.

Your tooth will be filed down to fit crown. An impression of the prepared tooth will be taken and sent away to dental laboratory to create your custom-made crown. A temporary crown will be placed over the tooth for protection purpose. On your next visit, the permanent crown will be cemented and you will have a bright smile!

  • If your tooth has undergone significant decay and there is not enough tooth structure remaining to support a filling or an inlay and maintain functionality
  • If a large portion of your tooth has fractured and it cannot be built up using traditional composite bonding techniques
  • If you have a large cavity and opt for the additional protection a crown offers to your tooth over a large composite filling or an inlay
  • If you have had a dental implant to replace a missing tooth, a crown will be fitted to the abutment of the titanium implant
  • Following root canal treatment, a crown is often needed to strengthen the tooth
  • If you grind your teeth and have a poor diet, acid erosion may reduce your teeth to a point where the only option available is to crown them
  • For cosmetic purposes, to improve the aesthetics of your smile, you may opt for all porcelain cosmetic crowns

Crown price start from RM1xxx per tooth. Do contact us here for a proper consultation with our dentists!

Dental Tooth Crown Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Tooth Inlays and Onlays

Dental inlays and onlays are a more conservative approach to tooth restoration than full crowns. They are used to repair rear teeth that have mild to moderate tooth decay, or for cracked teeth where the damage does not warrant a dental crown. Porcelain, composite resin and sometimes gold are used to create inlays and onlays.

An inlay is like a jigsaw piece that fits and restores the missing portion of your tooth. An onlay sits on top of the tooth to restore the shape and function of your tooth. Dental inlays and onlays are both made in the laboratory by a highly skilled dental technician.

They can be metal or tooth coloured depending on what your dentist feels is the best way to restore your tooth. Metal inlays/onlays are usually made of a gold alloy, these are not aesthetically as pleasing as tooth coloured inlays/onlays but in some situations are necessary in cases where bruxism (tooth grinding) has lead to the loss of a considerable amount of tooth substance. Tooth coloured inlays/onlays are usually made of porcelain/composite and these give the best aesthetic appearance.