Periodontal Treatment Kuala Lumpur

Periodontal Treatment Malaysia

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Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy

Dental laser gum therapy can be used to promote healing of diseased gum pockets by eliminating or reducing the pocket depth and helping to restore healthy periodontal structures around the teeth. Bacteria levels in the gum pockets are significantly reduced by the dental laser. No local anaesthesia is given for this procedure as this is virtually a painless procedure.

It has been suggested that low-level laser energy with lasers is responsible for promoting faster tissue repair and wound-healing, and should be noted for its bio-stimulatory effects. The effects of low-level laser energy on a cellular level are related to photochemical reactions within the cells, rather than through the thermal effects.

The laser’s anti-inflammatory effects can relieve cellular stress, decrease the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines, and mitigate inflammation after treatment. The laser not only diminishes bacteria, but can also aid in reducing gingival overgrowth.

Periodontal Treatment Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Periodontal Photothermal Therapy

If you suffer from gum bleeding, swollen gum, on and off gum boil due to gum disease, elongated and shaky teeth, you may have moderate to severe gum disease, a.k.a. periodontitis. The painless periodontal photothermal therapy (PTT) using laser and Perio-Green dye is the treatment for you. It is a comprehensive gum therapy package that included proper periodontal charting and radiographic analysis, scaling & polishing, root planing, and the photothermal therapy. The PTT aims to eliminate the periodontal bacteria and aid in gum healing, which subsequently eliminate bad breath, reduce gum bleeding, periodontal pocket depths and tooth mobility.

The 3-step procedure includes:

  1. Thorough cleaning is achieved with scaling & polishing and root planing. After the Perio-Green dye is applied onto the infected gum tissue, your dentist will shine the laser beam to activate the dye. The transfer of energy that releases free radicals that subsequently kills all the periodontal bacteria.
  2. In most cases, gum healing will be evaluated at a seven day interval. As necessary, Perio-Green dye and lasers will be applied again.
  3. Six weeks later, your dentist will check your gum and probe periodontal pockets to evaluate the gum healing. Since the periodontal bacteria have been destroyed, the pocket depths would already be reduced, and the gums would be definitely much healthier and free from inflammation.

Root Planing

Root planing is done for individual tooth which has more severe gum disease. Calculus at root surface is removed manually using hand instruments. Gum is allowed to heal by itself with proper oral hygiene care after the procedure.

Scaling cleans above and below the gums. If you have gum disease, scaling needs to be deeper, around the roots of the teeth. A root planing is done for individual tooth that has hard mineral deposits on them. Calculus at root surface is removed manually using hand instrument. Your dentist may give you a local anaesthetic to make it more comfortable. Gum is allowed to heal by itself with proper oral care after root planing.

Inflammation of the surrounding tissues will lead to separation of gum from the root surface, which creates a tiny space known as a periodontal pocket. Before carrying out the treatment, your dentist will use a periodontal probe and take radiographs to confirm the severity of gum disease. Instruments called currettes or ultrasonic scalers will be inserted into the periodontal pocket to remove plaque and calculus on root surface. Your dentist may perform a periodontal flap surgery that exposes the root surface when direct vision is necessary.

Scaling and Polishing

Scaling is done with specially designed dental instruments or ultrasonic scalers while polishing is done mechanically with special dental pastes to remove stains from coffee, tea, cigarettes or red wine. The aim of this procedure is to leave the surfaces of the teeth clean and smooth so food debris and bacteria are unable to stick to them and thus to create a better chance of keeping the teeth clean during your regular home care.

Ultrasonic dental scalers use tickling vibrations to knock tartar loose. Cooling mist of water that constantly comes out from the instrument works to wash away debris and control the area at a proper temperature. Even though the tips are sharp and pointing, their purpose is to knock tartar loose and not to cut into the teeth.

Scaling & Polishing treatment price start from RM9x