Veneer Teeth Price Kuala Lumpur

Veneer Teeth Price Malaysia

Tiew Dental provides Veneer Teeth service with affordable Price in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, also provide Jaw Joint Disorder, Periodontal Treatment, and more.

Edelweiss Veneer

The Edelweiss veneers have high-gloss, uniform surface with a thermally tempered base, which is harder, more scratch and wear resistant than other composite veneers. Various sizes are available to allow minimal grinding of teeth in just one appointment.

  • Indication for Edelweiss Veneer
  • Stained or darkened teeth
  • Irregular tooth surface (Hypocalcification)
  • Multiple spacing between teeth
  • Abnormal shape and size of front tooth(peg lateral)
  • Chipped tooth

Edelweiss Veneer price start from RM1xxx. As prices do differ on a case-by-case basis, do contact us here for a proper consultation with our dentists!

Veneer Teeth /price Kuala Lumpur Malaysia